In February 2017 Bernadette released a 15-minute-long suite of original compositions, inspired by contemporary poetry. Bernadette recorded the three pieces, ‘Begin’, ‘The Waking’ and ‘The Wild Iris / Oblivion’, in the Electric Squirrel Studios, Glasgow, under masterful assistance from sound engineer Luigi Pasquini, who recorded, mixed and mastered the tracks with Bernadette.


The performers:

Bernadette Kellermann: Violin/Fiddle, Viola

Leona Evans: Voice

Ian Dunnett: Piano


The Brodick Quartet 

Ben Norris: Violin 1

Katrina Lee: Violin 2

Liam Brolly: Viola

Alice Allen: Cello









Photo credit: Peter Stevenson Photography











Due to the fact that Bernadette started playing Scottish music relatively late, her main way of working out how this music works, was listening to many different recordings: playing along to the music, learning the tunes by ear and working out the exact arrangement of a piece in order to use this as a guide for new ideas. This has influenced hugely the way she perceives and learns music.

Also, the fact that she was introduced by Adam Sutherland to Scottish music at the exact same time as to composition and tune-writing means that she has never seen these two fields separately. Over the past years she built up her ability of composing tunes and coming up with varied arrangements, while being influenced by numerous other genres of music like Jazz, classical music, electronic music and minimal music to name a few.

Since studying at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, she has intensified her composition skills and regards composition as an integral part in her musical career.